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Portland French Bakery makes daily deliveries of our many sliced breads as well as rolls, loaves and other bread products to major retailers and wholesale outlets, as well as numerous smaller retailers.

Choose from our current line of breads, or talk with us about customizing products for your retail establishment. We are committed to providing our retail customers with a broad selection of homestyle breads, as well as superior customer service.

Please see some samples of our retail products below. Many of our varieties are not shown, so let us know just what you're looking for!
PF Rustic Bianco Sliced City Sour Wheat Vienna Sliced
City Sour Vienna Sliced PF Pub Buns
PF Rustic Wheat Sliced PF Rustic Bruno 42-Oz Sliced
City Sour Mini-Baguettes PF Pub Buns 12 Pk
City Sour Dinner Rolls City Sour Lrg 24 oz Cannonball
PF Asiago Cheese Bread Sliced PF Ciabatta Toast & Sandwich
PF Scissor Rolls PF Rustic Bianco 28-Oz Sliced
City Sour 3-Pk Cannon Balls PF Ciabatta Quadrini's
PF Ciabattini Rolls PF Focaccia Pan Bread
PF Soft Breadsticks PF Focaccia Wheat Pan Bread
PF Soft Cheese Sticks PF Hearth Rustic Vienna Unsliced
City Sour 3-Pk Cannon Balls City Sour B/S Tray Rolls
PF Soft Cheese Sticks PF Rustic B/S Vienna 2 PK
PF Ciabattini Rolls


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